Ok so were going to kick off this step by step lesson
assuming you have located the "Pro Software" which can be found
on the navigation bar to the left in the members area.

First off, let's mine a brand new domain. Choose a starting list. I take it you will be spending alot of time experimenting, but for this lesson I will choose "verbs.

Now as I select that list, a pop up will appear, and the reason I programmed it like that is so that we could all see what we are getting into and what words will be searched on godaddy.

Next, I will select an ending word. Once I search using both lists, the DomainerElitePro software will combine the two words to find awesome available domains. I will select "positives" which include words like "Quick" and other words that have similar meanings. In this case, all positive action and noun words.

Ok, so after I selected both my starting and ending words, I will click on the submit button and start my search! It may take the system a couple seconds, sometimes as long as a minute depending on the extent of the list. (Some lists are bigger than others) but here we go!

As you can see below, right away I see a domain that is REALLY actually pretty good! "PushQuick.com!" Hey, if you have searched godaddy for cool two syllable domains before it's difficult right? Well this was pretty easy and heck, Im not even going to wait around, Im grabbing it! If I was unsure about it I might have wanted to add it to my own saved list, but geez.. this is so good I might even want to try to put it up for auction on Flippa for the big bucks!

So to go ahead and register this domain, Im going to click on the "register button."

After clicking on the "register" button, Im now at godaddy and the domain is selected. Im going to buy it!

Ok, so I bought the domain (I went through all the godaddy purchase steps.. (Those are not included in this tutorial, I dont want to give you information overload)

But now I am going to click on "manage domains" because I want to list my "pushQuick.com" domain on Godaddy Premium listings. The reason I am doing this is I am going to list the domain on the DomainerElitePro marketplace.

I do a search for "PushQuick.com" in my domain manager and there it is! So I click on the domain, and then I select "buy & sell" and then "Add to premium listings."

Ok, so now I am adding my domain to Godaddy premium listings and going to price it at $300. (Its a great domain!) Now I would ONLY price domains this high is they are REALLY good. If your domain is something like dogtreatsonline.org.. I dunnoo.. $50 maybe. If it's not a .com and has that many words, its really going to bring the value down, heck I probably wouldnt even buy Dogtreatsonline.org but thats just me.

Ok, so go through the steps and do the payment thingy for $0.00. Dont worry, it's just so Godaddy can take a bite out of your final sale.

Ok! So now that our domain is added to godaddy premium listings, it will show up with the price tag of $300 when people search that domain. I sell TONS of Godaddy premiums, and did it even BEFORE DomainerElitePro, I would register the domain, list it on premiums and then tell everyone about the domain on Youtube! Well now, we can LIST that premium on the DomainerElite Pro marketplace where all the other users will see it! Voila!

So to access the DomainerElitePro marketplace, click on the "marketplace" button on the left hand corner in the navigation. Here's a screenshot:

In the marketplace there are a few different options. It's all very simple but incredibly powerful and a great premium promotional engine. You'll see "buy," "sell," "My listings," and "My profile." When you select "buy," you will see tons of marketplace listings done by other users. If you see something REALLY good, you might want to snatch one up! Remember, the marketplace isn't the only place to sell, you can also sell on Flippa or Sedo as well because our software really finds great domains, heck they really are worth $50, $100, etc.

So first, click on "My profile" and create a profile. I would use a picture and also include some information, who you are, etc.

Here is my profile, it is simple but explains who I am and that I am a real person. It also shows my listings.

Ok, so you guessed it, I am now going to sell "pushQuick.com!" I click on "Sell domains."

After I select "Sell," this is what the listing creation looks like. I type in the name of my domain, I select "premium" and then the price. Listing URL is whereever the domain sale is going to occur. Godaddy, Sedo, Flippa, etc.

BooM! I have listed my domain for sale, so if I want to see my listing, I am going to click on "Buy domains."

There it is! Now let's watch it sell!

Hope you enjoyed this visual tutorial! :)

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