8 Best Domain Selling Websites You Need To Know

Today, the internet has become everything. Everyone from individuals to organizations are looking for an identity in this virtual world. It is no wonder there is a real demand for the perfect website domain name. This has given rise to domain selling websites- which are platforms that provide a place where interested parties can buy and sell domains.

While there are an endless number of platforms that provide these services, it is important to pick the very best website that you can find to ensure that you to make a solid investment. If you are starting out, getting through to the right audience can be a daunting task but the good news is that it does not have to be! Here are the best domain selling websites:

1. Afternic

This is another popular marketplace for selling domains. With a worldwide distribution of over 100 domains, you can trust its transfer distribution of over 75 million searches on a monthly basis. When you list with Afternic, you can be guaranteed that you are represented by one of the best domain selling websites. It will also offers a variety of ways to resell your domain with an additional revenue system. Afternic ensure that you earn big returns for every sale and has a maximum commission of 20%.

2. Igloo

This is a premier marketplace where you can buy and sell domains. Igloo comes with all the necessary tools that will help you in meeting your domain business needs. As an established domain consultancy group, it offers extra features like an intuitive user interface which makes it easier for all customers to make the purchase they want. Granted, there are many domain selling websites but this is one of the best. Igloo is also packaged with 24/7 customer service. The website keeps a 10% commission out of all their domain sales.

3. GoDaddy Premium Listings

GoDaddy is a highly popular domain marketplace. It is one of the few platforms that offer a handful of ways for selling your domain. It includes even day auctions and premium domain listings and counter offers, buy now offers among others. GoDaddy is focused on offering a profitable way of listing your domain investments. Based on the principle of adaptability, it is a highly established domain seller that boats over 40 million clients. GoDaddy also has over 63 million domains under it supervision. It has a top rank when it come to domain auction sites. With all the benefit it offers, GoDaddy keeps a 30% commission.

4. Undeveloped

This is also another well-known name when it comes to selling domains with added security. Undeveloped has millions of domains under its belt. It provide a unique marketplace that where millions if domain are sold. The bet part of this marketplace is the fact that it is listed by its original owner and all clients can deal with them directly.

5. Bido

Bio sells domain names as desired by its clients. It is among domain selling websites that is affected by customer choices and is based upon auction listings. Bido offer its customer much more than monetary benefits. It also contributes to various communal facets. Since it only u domains that its clients has requested, the buying value is higher than other domain seller. You can only sell on this platform after an agreement is reached with the customer and a notification is sent to you. Bid also boasts an intuitive payment process. The platform take up to an 8% commission for every sale they make.

6. Snap Names

Snap Name is a widely renowned platform for aftermarket domain sales. With it, you will enjoy a team of highly qualified experts and a technology that makes this a lucrative domain seller. Offering more than 30 million domain name sales, this seller creates a list if accessible domains that enables buyers to jump to upcoming listings. Snap Names only picks quality addresses for purchase. It is a choice marketplace if you want to sell uncommon web addresses and connect to potential buyers. Snap Names keeps a 20% commission.

7. Free Market

This is a new domain seller. Established by the website, freelancer.com, you can sell domain names on this platform. It is the best place for beginners to discover the ins and outs of the business. It also has many potential website buyers, this Free Market allow you to kill two birds with one stone. Many webmasters visit the site and you can be able to sell domain names and your websites equally. Charging a 5% commission, it offers an additional place to make money online wand it never disappoints.

8. Sedo

Sedo certainly represents incredible domain selling websites. It offers daily auctions to parking pages. With thousands of sales happening on a daily basis, you will certainly profit from this seller. It buy domain names and make counter offers on them. Most prominent domain sellers sale their domain name on this site because it offer a quicker way of making income in comparison to the rest. It is certainly one platform to keep an eye out for because it makes regular sales. Sedo makes a 10% commission on all sales that it makes.

Bonus: Domainer Elite’s Marketplace

If you a domainer and you want to sell your domain to other domainers who might be interested in your available domains then also consider Domainer Elite’s marketplace, which available with a trial account.

Be sure to consider the different tactics that are available for domain flipping. We’ve written about it here: 8 Domain Flipping Tactics

Today, with many domain being sold for millions, many individuals have made a business out of buying and selling domain names. As new seller, it will definitely take time for you to understand the market but domain buying and reselling is as lucrative as it gets. Remember, it is important to be updated with all of the industry trends and the learning curve will not be too steep.

In case you are still doubtful, this business will prove you wrong. Many individuals who are interested in domain selling website create a domain name as well as a profitable website. They sell them at a high price and enjoy handsome income. Do not be discourage easily, use these resellers and your efforts will be worth it in the end.