How do you become a virtual friend

Companies and websites offering online virtual friend services don’t require a lot from you. Most of them require you to be honest and trustworthy and have the ability to offer true companionship. You get paid by the hour but you have to provide value. The value in this virtual world is companionship. What can you offer clients to make them hire you as a companion? Do you have what it takes to be good online virtual friends with people from different parts of the globe? Is it safe to be a an online pal? Is it a worth side hustle or another waste of time? These are some of the questions that bug people who consider this type of business.

Get paid to be an online friend, here.

You can get paid to be a friend virtually. That is for sure. It is one of the best ways to earn money during your free time and become your own boss. If you want to get paid for your companionship, join a platform such as and complete a profile. You are paid by the number of hours a week you work. That means the more you engage with clients, the more you earn. The world is in dire need of friendship. These are not the online friends you are used to. This is rent a friend kind of service where you get paid to become a friend.

How can you become a virtual friend?

Before we go into details, what is a virtual friend? This is a person who you are friends with online but has no obligations to meet them face to face. They hire you to be their friends and offer the companionship offered by a ‘real’ companion but you offer it online. These friend seekers use communication on the site to search for new friends without the need to meet the other person in real life.

To be a virtual friend, you need an active internet connection, time, and the character or personality to become an online friend. Some of the sites have you fill a form that shows if you have the personality to be a good online friend. You must pass this test before you are admitted to become a member of the site. Some people see this as a rent a cyber friend type of thing which is great. This has become a trend and making money from the same is as easy. You become someone s friend, find time in your schedule to engage them or do things they like and you are good.

Start with getting a website

There are different sites that This is a business and people earn money from it. You only need to select a good site with less scammers and competition. With some of these platforms you choose the best way to talk to others from text messages, chat room, online phone calls, and you don’t have to pay an annual fee or any joining fee with most of them.

Sign Up

You have to become a member first before you even get started. Use your email address and sign up and create an account to become a member of the website or company offering these services.

Create a profile

After registering to become a member with your email address, you go ahead and create a profile. The published required fields are marked and you have to be filled before you are allowed to post your profile. Here, you must be wise and display your potential. First, make sure your profile is complete. This is the first thing that your potential clients see when they click on your account. If you have any additional capabilities or talents, this is a great place to display them and get the most from them. It shows the clients if you have interests aligned to theirs.

Set a Price

This is a business where you get to earn from being a friend. Most of these sites don’t have any membership fee attached and if anything, you get to keep a friend after the paid contract is over. Start by setting a good price per hour. You get paid depending on the number of hours you work. Set a price that won’t drive clients away. You are here to make money but if you want to be paid to be someone s companion, don’t let your price drive the people away. Lastly, add your payment details and take control of the char room looking for clients.

Start Earning

There are lots of people looking for ways to make money online but bypass being someone’s friend and getting paid from it. When you join a platform, you have to get clients. Find clients whose hobbies align with yours. Maybe you are a gamer and this is one of the activities you can enjoy with your online friend. You get to have fun, make friends and earn. Being a virtual friend online offers you the flexibility to choose clients, and the time to work.

A platform such as Fiverr is a great marketplace for freelancers but it also provides a Friendship platform. It is a great way to earn and you can also market your other skills on the website for individuals looking for clients.