9 Tips for Domain Name Business Owners

In the domain name business, choosing the perfect name is critical to your success. While this seem like an easy choice to make on the surface, the reality is that a domain name is not just about adding .com to the end of a name. For instance, if you choose a name like “Peter‘s Rug Emporium”, many may consider it an unwieldy domain name. Or maybe it is already taken- Or how about if it contains a misspelled word?

There are a handful of roadblocks that you may encounter in the in name business. Remember, this is one of the most important factors when establishing a domain name for the search engine and your target audience. Ignore all the trends and fads, and, focus on the tried and true tips for choosing the perfect domain name:

Tip #1: Do your homework

When finding a domain name, a little bit of homework goes a long way. It is best to first research on your competitors and find out the names that they are using. Also, browse all available domain names or domain by keyword.

Tip #2: Go for a catchy phrase

The best way to help people find you is by creating a clever domain name. This way, many domain resellers will be knocking your door down- hypothetically speaking. For instance, a domain name like GobbleGobble.co is not only catchy, it will certainly get a buyer interested in what it has to offer. You say use creative domain names like VeggiesMadeEasy.com or JoeKnowsCoffee.com. A catchy phrase is a great alternative to having a company’s name be a domain name. This works in the case where a domain buyer or reseller approaches you to create and ideal domain for them. It will inspire people to move and purchase.

Tip #3: Make the domain name you create a call to action

Domains like justdoit.com or thinkdifferent.org will certainly get may get buyers and resellers motivated as far the domain name business goes. A strong call to action is more of an ad campaign that will make people want to build their brand affinity. It will evoke your relentless thinking as a seller. A call to action should have a few keywords to drive traffic to your domain selling site. Think of the reaction you want from your audience and ay it in the most effective way.

Tip #4: Go long but not too long

The golden rule is to keep any domain name you create short domain name but it should not be too short. For instance, rtr.com is one of the shortest domain names and does not convey any meaning. Also, these are not recognizable words that a reseller is always going to recall or for the search engine to pick up. Try renttherunway.com as it is more meaningful than rtr.com. It conjures up an imagery and it is endlessly memorable. The most important thing in your domain is the fact that it is memorable. No more, no less.

Tip #5: Use a modifier

It is common to dismiss a perfectly good domain name and still do not get the identical domain name. In this case, you need to us a modifier. There I nothing more discouraging than ending up on a page that is not functional. This will send your potential audience running. The lack of the exact domain they enter is automatically a speed bump. Therefore, add a modifier in the form of an extra word or two and enable your customer to find you online.

Tip #6: Use a domain name suggestion tool

In the domain name business, if you are not naturally creative, there are certain tools that will assist you. Tools such as NamesTall.com are every domain name seller’s dream. You simply need to type in a few words in the name generator and relevant options will automatically be given to you. This will let you to come up with better name that will attract your potential domain buyer. Name generators will enable you to find exceptionally keyword-rich domains. It is a mart idea to pick up these and redirect them to your domain selling website.

Top #7: Avoid these words whenever possible

The following words are a big no-no when it comes to the domain name business. They should not be used to connect ideas at any time: “an”, “the”, “but” “or” and “with”. They will definitely make your words longer, uninteresting and really hard to remember.

Tip #8: Build your brand slowly but surely

This is the ultimate goal for any domain name seller. In order to build your brand, it is important to purchase various domain extensions, even if they have been misspelled or mistyped. As such, it will be hard for anyone else to use the names. It will also ensure your buyers are directed to your website, even if they mistype the name.

Tip #9: Beware of cheap domains

You should always beware of cheap domains. Even without hosting, there are times when you can buy domains for as little as $1 for a year. It is not recommended to buy such domains, despite their luring price. It is best to buy domains from Google (https://domains.google), as it includes features such as privacy. They can be purchased at an affordable price of $12 per year.

The domain name business should not the most difficult thing you try to do. Instead, it should be an enjoyable experience that enables you to earn some extra income. You simply need to be both willing and creative.

Do not be afraid to use that catchy phrase or modifier. Although the primary use of a domain s for a website, it is best to encourage your clients to align it with their social media platform.

This is one of the few ways they can start building their brand. Their potential customers will end up bring more familiar with the domain name as well as their website.