Can you get paid to be someone’s friend

In the world we live in today, friendship is critical to emotional health and one can get paid to offer companionship. It might not have anything to do with physical wellness but it has everything to do with emotional wellness. Companionship reduces the risk of loneliness and depression. The question then is, what can a person who doesn’t want to meet people do? What if you are shy and you don’t get out much? What if you are an introvert? The answer to all these questions is looking for an online friend. There are potential friends online and all you have to do is join websites that offer these services, sign up and get a platonic friendship.

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How can one get paid to become someone’s friend?

First of all, it is true and possible to make some extra cash and become your own boss through making friends. You can get paid to be someone s friend and earn up to $50 an hour! A lot of people are curious about how individuals can get paid to become someone’s online friend. It is among the simple side hustles there are but it is not for everyone. It is most interesting for people who love meeting new people. When you connect, you decide the kind of activities to do together and the way to forge your companionship. Talking and texting on phone is one way to connect or you can engage the other party in a hobby they love such as playing games.

To get paid to become a virtual friend, you look for a site offering these services. They are available in plenty and you simply choose one. Go to their website, sign up to become a member. Create an account and a profile. Make sure to complete your profile to make it easier for clients to identify you as a worthy pal whose interests align with theirs.

The amount of time you have determines how much you earn. There is no limit to the number of hours you can work and you get to set your price. A marketplace such as Fiverr introduced Fiverr Friendship where you register with your name and advertise your companionship services in the platform. After this, you wait for potential clients to contact you. Unlike others, this site has no membership fee making it a great side hustle on the freelancer’s part.

There are many websites offering these services online. With some, there are options to meet up in person but you don’t have to do it. You are only encouraged to do or try it if you are comfortable and deem it safe. Otherwise, you can choose to meet online, become friends and leave it at that. With being a virtual friend, you have to follow the terms and conditions of the company or website offering these services. For example, most platforms require that you don’t introduce romantic or sexual chats with someone you meet as a friend. Remember this is a paid partnership or a contract. It is a rent a friend service that is paid for. When the paid contract ends, you can choose to further your relationship out of the platform or website. The more time you spend with clients, the more you earn.

What do you need to know to become an online friend?

To get started, you first need to have an internet connection and time to be a companion. Platforms such as rentafriend com pay you by how much time you have worked. If you have a chaotic schedule, this might not be the best for you. If you want to get paid by rentafriend to be an online friend, you must put in time. You get some friends where you chat through text messages online and you also get to keep some extra cash.

Virtual friends offer companionship online which means you have to be a good companion to have clients. Making money as a virtual friend requires that you have the personality that suits the job. This is business to you and you must have the qualities to qualify for the job. Some sites such as rentafriend will require you to fill a form and create a profile to make money. This is to see if you qualify to become a good friend online or companion.

How much can you make as an online friend?

Being a virtual friend is a great business opportunity and one of the top ways to make money. If you find a reputable site you can make $50 per hour. or if they are full time, the earnings aren’t limited. You can even inject thousands in your bank account every week. People looking for online companionship get more than that and continue getting paid. The good things with most of the companies is you only need your name email and you don’t have to be one of the paying members to enjoy making money as a companion.

The good thing with virtual friendship is it’s not like the dating sites people are used to. There is no romance or sex talk. Feel free to continue your relationship and take it to another level but that is after you are done with the sites contracts.